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YRO Rapid Shutdown with UL1741 certification.

YRO Module-Level Rapid Shutdown Protects your Photovoltaic Power Station

With the development of photovoltaic systems, new power systems based on new energy are becoming more and more widespread, and many buildings have photovoltaic systems installed on their roofs. It is foreseeable that whether it is household systems or industrial and commercial power stations, photovoltaic installed capacity will increase on a large scale, and related safety issues have also begun to attract industry attention.

Regarding the safety of photovoltaic systems, regulatory requirements vary from country to country. For photovoltaic systems installed on buildings, some countries and regions have promulgated relevant standards and implemented rapid shutdown requirements. When a fault such as a short circuit occurs, the DC side high voltage can be quickly cut off through the RSD device (Rapid Shutdown Device), thereby avoiding further expansion of the fault and significantly improving system safety.

Currently, all photovoltaic system certifications comply with UL1741 certification requirements. On December 22, 2017, the second edition of UL1741 (Safety Standard for Distributed Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment) was revised to require photovoltaic rapid shutdown system equipment and photovoltaic rapid shutdown The system undergoes extensive evaluation.

At the same time, in order to improve the reliability of these safety systems, UL1741 is tested under harsh conditions including hardware failures, software failures, and evaluated under environmental and electrical extreme conditions. Photovoltaic modules that meet these requirements may be certified (listed) under the UL product categories AC Modules and Photovoltaic Modules with Integrated Electronics (QHYZ), including rapid shutdown.

UL1741 safety test scope, UL1741 safety covers the following aspects: electric shock hazard, fire hazard, mechanical hazard, grid connection characteristics and grid connection.

Yirui’s rapid shutdown series products successfully passed the North American UL1741 certification standard test and are the leading domestic manufacturer of rapid shutdown product certification.

At present, most photovoltaic systems still use centralized or string inverters, which do not have the module-level rapid shutdown function. Therefore, more solutions in the industry are to install module-level rapid shutdown products for the entire photovoltaic system.

Install our quick shutdown products with UL1741 certification. It will provide a certain safety guarantee for your photovoltaic system.

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