Circuit breaker designed to protect electrical circuits and appliances from damage caused by excessive current flow, acts as a safety switch that helps prevent electrical fires and damage to electrical equipment by shutting off the power when there is a problem.

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    DC Circuit Breaker YRL7-125DC

    YRL7-125 DC high segment capacity circuit breaker is specially designed for solar photovoltaic system, with current 63A-125A, voltage up to 1000VDC, segment capacity 6KA, in line with IEC/EN60947-2 standard. Used in DC systems that need to be disconnected and protected when overcurrent or short circuit occurs, such as photovoltaic combiner boxes. The non-complementary design can be perfectly adapted to the charging and discharging system of the battery.
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    About Connected

    Circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current, typically resulting from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after detecting a fault condition.

    With flame retardant properties play a vital role in modern electrical safety, providing essential protection against fire hazards in various settings, from residential homes to industrial facilities.

    Flame Retardant Material

    Flame Retardant Properties: The flame retardant aspect refers to the material used in the construction of the circuit breaker. These materials are designed to resist ignition and prevent the spread of fire. In case of electrical faults that could lead to overheating or sparks, the flame retardant materials help in minimizing the risk of fire.

    By being flame retardant, these circuit breakers reduce the risk of fires caused by electrical malfunctions.In the event of an internal fault, the flame retardant casing can prevent a fire from spreading to surrounding materials or structures.

    Essential for fire safety

    Residential and Commercial Buildings: In homes and commercial properties, these circuit breakers are used in electrical distribution boards to safeguard against electrical fires.

    Industrial Settings: In industries where there is a higher risk of electrical faults due to heavy machinery or fluctuating loads, flame retardant circuit breakers are essential for fire safety.

    These circuit breakers must adhere to various safety standards and regulations, ensuring they perform effectively under fire risk conditions. They are tested for properties like flame spread, smoke generation, and toxicity.Modern flame retardant circuit breakers often come with additional features like arc fault detection, ground fault interruption, and smart connectivity for enhanced safety and functionality.

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