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YRO Electric

Yirui Electric is a new trend manufacturer in the photovoltaic system industry. Including EV Charge, Inveter, Rapid Shutdown, Solar Optimizer, PV Combiner Box and Electrical components etc.

Professional product knowledge and deep involvement in the photovoltaic industry. Professional skills enable our engineers to provide overseas services.

YRO professional R&D, Production Department, Online Sales & after-sales, Quality Inspection, Quick Logistics.Choose products for you from the customer’s perspective and serve your customers’ needs with heart.

Senior engineering team, complete testing equipment, ensure the development of new products and the needs of the photovoltaic market.Support customers to visit the factory.

Yirui Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd

  • As a new benchmark among photovoltaic manufacturers, Yueqing Yirui Electric Co., Ltd. relies on more than ten years of experience and research in the electrical industry, and strives to continuously update and create more valuable photovoltaic solar modules.

OEM Quality Control

  • We have our own independent professional production line, and strict control of quality. Customers will come to our company to visit the assembly line, YRO with the strength and company culture to make them trust us.

Customization Specialization

  • We are an enterprise integrating company and factory, supporting customers to customize products of various sizes and specifications. Meeting the needs of our customers is what we have always pursued, and will bring you unexpected surprises in the photovoltaic field.

YRO is By Your Side

  • We always adhere to the principle of quality first and provide customers with the highest quality products and services. As long as customers need it, we will travel thousands of miles to take our professionals and engineers to their locations to provide them with services.

Yueqing Yirui Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.

No. 555, Station Road, Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.


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