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YRO EV Charge new national standardcharging gun head. New national standard vehicles can be used andsupport vehicle electronic lock function. Portable chargers can usually be plugged into various power sources, including standard home outlets and higher-voltage outlets

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    7kw 32A AC Charging Box Portable Plastic

    AC charging box ensures that the charging process is safe for both the vehicle and the user. It includes safety features like ground fault protection, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection, which are crucial for preventing electrical hazards like short circuits, electric shocks, or fires.
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    Portable EV Charge Station AC 3.57KW

    An AC charging box, often used in the context of electric vehicle (EV) charging, is a device that facilitates the safe and efficient charging of electric vehicles using alternating current (AC) electricity.
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    Efficient conversion guaranteed

    While portable chargers may not offer the same high-speed charging capabilities as fixed fast-charging stations, many are designed to provide a satisfactory charging speed. They are typically compatible with a range of EV models, making them versatile for different users.

    Portable chargers can usually be plugged into various power sources, including standard home outlets and higher-voltage outlets, providing flexibility in different scenarios.

    Optimal performance for every module

    Waterproof feature is crucial for outdoor use. It ensures that the charger can operate safely in various weather conditions, including rain or snow. This is particularly important for maintaining the integrity of the electrical components in the charger and ensuring the safety of the user.

    Especially considering the combination of electricity and outdoor elements. These chargers often include features like overcurrent protection, temperature control, and automatic shutdown to prevent overcharging or overheating.

    Get always-on solar energy

    EV chargers are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and use in various locations. The portability is a significant advantage for EV owners who travel frequently or do not have access to a fixed charging station. It allows for charging at destinations without dedicated EV infrastructure.

    Given the outdoor application, many portable and waterproof EV chargers are designed with durability and environmental impact in mind, using materials and designs that are robust and eco-friendly.

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