As an important part of clean energy, distributed photovoltaic power plants play a key role in promoting the development of sustainable energy.

However, during operation, these power stations may encounter a variety of potential risks, such as line damage, reduced efficiency caused by tree obstruction, and more serious component hot spots and arcing phenomena, which may not only damage equipment, but also trigger a fire.

       It is worth noting that even when a fire occurs, the photovoltaic power station is still generating electricity, and the high-voltage current generated not only aggravates the danger on site, but also brings additional difficulties and hazards to the fire control and rescue work, which has a negative impact on rescue operations. The safety of personnel poses a serious threat.

To address this problem, the application of modual-level rapid shutdown systems provides an effective solution. When a fire or other dangerous situation is detected, the system can quickly shut down the photovoltaic modules and quickly reduce the system voltage to a safe level, greatly reducing the risk of fire spread and the difficulty of rescue, thus effectively ensuring the safety of on-site personnel.

The successful application of this technology not only improves the safety performance of distributed photovoltaic power stations, but also provides a solid guarantee for the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Furthermore, Yirui’s modual-level rapid shutdown technology, as an advanced practice in this field, has passed UL1741 certification (refer to this link:, which is an internationally recognized safety standard certification that marks the safety of its technology and products. , Reliability has reached the international leading level.


This not only provides users with a strong safety guarantee, but also demonstrates Yirui’s professional strength and industry leadership in the field of photovoltaic safety technology. Therefore, whether it is from the perspective of improving power station safety, preventing potential risks, or protecting the safety of rescuers, Yirui’s component-level rapid shutdown technology is worthy of the industry’s trust and choice, and is the key to ensuring the safety of distributed photovoltaic power station operations. One of the effective means.

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