Yirui Electric Shines at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Thailand

From July 3rd to 5th, the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week was held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Thailand. This event marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable and low-carbon solutions globally. Yirui Electric Co., Ltd., a leader in the field of safety protection devices for photovoltaic energy storage systems, showcased its superior technological capabilities and forward-looking energy solutions, propelling the industry towards a sustainable future.


Transforming Thailand’s Energy Market

Thailand’s power market is currently transitioning from a fossil fuel-dominated framework to a diversified zero-carbon energy system. According to Thailand’s National Power Development Plan (PDP), the country’s photovoltaic installation capacity is expected to surge to over 15.6GW by 2035. In this global backdrop of energy transformation, the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week serves as a pivotal gathering for showcasing green energy innovations.

YRQ Rapid Shutdown: A Benchmark in Safety and Efficiency

Yirui Electric’s YRQ rapid shutdown technology has received widespread acclaim for its exceptional safety performance, efficient energy management, and reliable stability. Specially designed to enhance the safety of distributed photovoltaic power systems, the YRQ technology can disconnect electrical currents in an extremely short time, effectively preventing electrical accidents and ensuring personnel safety. This innovation sets new standards for the safe operation of photovoltaic stations not only in Thailand but globally.

Beyond Rapid Shutdown: Combiner Boxes and Components

In addition to the rapid shutdown solutions, Yirui Electric also presented its combiner boxes and components (such as mini circuit breakers and surge protectors) at the exhibition. These products are renowned for their superior performance and stability, coupled with intelligent management features that meet the diverse electricity needs of various sectors and scenarios.



At the Thailand exhibition, Yirui Electric demonstrated its commitment to research, development, and innovation in green energy solutions. The company showcased its expertise as a manufacturer of safety protection devices in the photovoltaic system sector. Looking forward, Yirui Electric is poised to continue its journey with solid steps toward the future, aiming to script new successes in the photovoltaic energy sector and contribute significantly to the global development of renewable energy.

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