The Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch, commonly known as ATSE (Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment), is an indispensable component within emergency power supply systems, ensuring uninterrupted power availability in critical situations.

In essence, the ATSE operates as a reliable bridge between a primary power source and a backup power supply. When the primary power source experiences a sudden failure or outage, the ATSE seamlessly switches to the backup power supply, allowing essential devices and systems to continue functioning without disruption. Moreover, even under low-load conditions, the backup power supply can be seamlessly provided by a generator, further enhancing the system’s resilience.

Crafted with a sophisticated mechatronic design, the ATSE comprises two fundamental elements: the controller and the main body device. This intelligent system is engineered to incorporate two sets of circuit breakers within a single switch housing, resulting in a simplified yet robust structure featuring two sets of input terminals and one output terminal.

Noteworthy is the ATSE’s advanced monitoring capabilities, which extend beyond simple power switching. The device actively monitors the three-phase, four-wire voltage of the main circuit. In the event of any deviation or abnormality in phase voltage, the ATSE autonomously triggers a seamless transition to the backup power supply. This capability underscores the switch’s resilience to interference and its high degree of automation.


Dual power automatic transfer switch products are primarily used in emergency power supply systems, essentially serving as a primary and secondary power source. In the event of a sudden failure or power outage in the primary power source, the automatic transfer switch seamlessly switches to the backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted operation of devices. This switch, designed for electromechanical integration, consists of a controller and main unit, forming an intelligent system. Two sets of breakers are housed within a single switch enclosure, facilitating a simple structured dual power system with two input terminals and one output terminal.


This switch not only facilitates switching between two power sources but also monitors the main circuit’s three-phase four-wire voltage. In case of any abnormality in phase voltage, it automatically switches to the backup power source, boasting strong interference resistance and a high level of automation.


Introduction to Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switches

  • Dual power automatic transfer switches are essential in emergency power supply systems.
  • They act as an intermediary between a primary and secondary power source.
  • In the event of a primary power failure, the switch seamlessly transitions to the backup source.
  • The design integrates a controller and main unit for intelligent system operation.
  • A single enclosure houses two sets of breakers, simplifying the dual power system structure.


Key Features and Benefits

  • The switch enables easy switching between two power sources.
  • It monitors the three-phase four-wire voltage of the main circuit.
  • Automatic switching occurs if phase voltage abnormalities are detected.
  • The system has strong interference resistance and a high automation level.
  • Installing such a switch ensures uninterrupted electricity supply in homes and cities.


By installing a Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch in your home, you ensure that the illumination of electricity continues unabated in your daily life. Together, we play a crucial role in safeguarding the lights of our cities, contributing to a collective aspiration for a brighter and more resilient future.


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