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Возобновляемая энергия - Таиланд, "Йируи" приближается.


Thailand Bangkok Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition – Thailand New Energy Exhibition (ASEW) is the most influential new energy exhibition in the ASEAN region. The exhibition has been supported by government departments such as the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Thailand. The chairman of the Thai Energy Council led ministers at all levels to visit the exhibition as special guests for each exhibition.

This is a partner in the field of energy technology with Thailand as the focus and platform. Representatives from ASEAN countries and around the world will meet, contribute, share information, and discuss energy challenges and broader technology application platforms.

Yirui Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the trusted manufacturers of solar system protection components, and is honored to participate in the 2023 ASEW in Bangkok, Thailand. This time we have two booth, G47 F29.

Exhibition time: August 30th ~ September 1st, 2023

Venue: Thailand – Bangkok – Thailand Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center

Exhibition number: G47 F29

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