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Connecteur MC4 Connect Your Solar Life

According to the latest market trends and industry reports, some foreign regions are phasing out photovoltaic connectors made of PC materials (polycarbonate). PC material has been widely used in the past and is favored for its excellent insulation performance and weather resistance. With the development of new materials and technological progress, new materials are superior in performance and sustainability, replacing PC materials.

       MC4 photovoltaic connector is a connector for solar photovoltaic power plants, often used for connection between solar panels. Its principle mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. Electrical connection principle: MC4 connector adopts plug-in connection mode, which has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fog. Its internal structure has two metal pins and a rubber sealing sleeve. The anode and the cathode are respectively connected to the two terminals of the contact pin, and the rubber sealing sleeve plays the role of sealing the contact pin. When the two connectors are inserted and rotated, the metal pins make contact with the socket to complete the electrical connection.
  2. Electrical connection principle: The MC4 connector adopts a fixed connection, and the pin and the socket are kept tightly connected by spring pressure. The metal contact part of the pin and the socket is made of silver alloy material, which has good electrical conductivity and can ensure the stability and low loss of current transmission.
  3. The principle of safe connection: MC4 connector has safety functions such as anti-flip and anti-electric shock. By designing the shape and size of pins and sockets to be different, it realizes the characteristic of only correct connection and prevents reverse connection. At the same time, the socket housing is made of insulating material, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

In conclusion, the MC4 photovoltaic connector realizes reliable electrical connection between solar panels through various principles such as plug-in connection, metal contact, spring pressure and safety design, ensuring stable and safe current transmission.

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