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Willkommen für den "Solar Power Optimizer"

Solar power optimizer is a miniaturized inverter used in solar power systems to convert direct current to alternating current. It is usually used in a single solar panel or a system of a small number of solar panels to achieve small power inverter conversion. The main feature of Solar power optimizer compared to traditional central inverters is that each solar panel has a corresponding inverter. This means that each solar panel can perform power conversion independently, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the system.


Solar power optimizer offer some of the following advantages:

Reflected in product design:

—— Modular Design: Each solar panel has an independent inverter, which makes the system more modular. This means that if one solar panel fails or develops a problem, the others can still function without compromising overall system performance.

—— High Efficiency and Optimized Tracking: Since each solar panel has an inverter, the microinverter can realize the precise control of the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. This can improve the energy conversion efficiency of the system, thereby increasing solar power generation.

—— Flexibility: Since each solar panel has an independent micro-inverter, the micro-inverter can realize the precise control of the large power point tracking (MPPT) technology, thereby improving the energy conversion efficiency of the system.

On maintenance and testing:

—— Safety: Due to the design of the micro-inverter, the DC side voltage of the system is low, reducing the risk of electric shock and fire. In addition, each inverter is protected against the spread of arc faults.

—— Failure Effect: In a solar power optimizer system, if one solar panel fails, other solar panels can still work normally.

—— Monitoring and Maintenance: Solar power optimizer are usually equipped with monitoring and data acquisition functions, which can monitor the performance of each solar panel and the working status of the system in real time. Data in this area can help users understand how the system is performing and, if needed, perform maintenance and troubleshooting.

Nowadays, Solar power optimizer are widely used in small solar power generation systems, especially in distributed generation systems such as rooftop solar power systems. They offer increased flexibility, efficiency and safety, making solar power generation more reliable and sustainable.

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